Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

February 2017 - Comings and Goings

February 2017 - Comings and Goings

Yes, I did add more to my closet ... I admit, these were all whims. The blazers I can perhaps justify by claiming they are replacements for two that no longer fit, but I haven't let go of those two yet, so maybe, not so justified. The coat and wrap scarf were TOTAL whims, at Lucky Brand (my first pieces from them), but at $60-something total, including tax, I couldn't pass them up; plus, they'll be great for my trip to Vegas in a couple of weeks since it won't be super warm there yet.

Comings - 9

  • Purple corduroy mini skirt - according to Chinese horoscopes, purple is the color to wear this year for luck! I've already worn it twice, including once for date night and it's actually a great piece to have for casual wear. 
  • Camel pencil skirt - great piece for work, I can't wait to mix and match colors. I've come to realize that a camel colored skirt is a surprisingly versatile piece.
  • A gray windowpane patterned pencil skirt - no reason,  I just like pencil skirts.
  • A dark gray faux wrap-around pencil skirt - see above reason
  • 2 blazers - gray and dark blue - I think I bought them a size too big. I'm not sure because they're super comfy and I like that these are below my hips unlike the other ones I own that sit at my hip bone. So far I've worn the gray one to work, and also on date night in place of a coat, which seemed to 'up' my look. 
  • A standard white shirt - replacement for one that was getting too worn. 
  • A black and white tweed coat from Lucky Brand, and a textured scarf/poncho (not shown in pic) - I'm super excited to bring both items to Vegas with me. I'd been struggling with what to wear since it will be chilly upon my departure and arrival, and in the evenings. These will be perfect for the plane and evenings and great for layering.

Note to self - put skirts on the DO NOT BUY LIST

Goings - 11

  • A pair of Banana Republic trousers - just too wide-legged for my liking now.
  • An old gray pencil skirt - it's seen better days and getting a bit snug for me.
  • A Eddie Bauer sundress that I never really liked too much but I bought it in haste for a trip (all four dresses I bought for that trip are actually now gone, and I never really wore any of them outside of the trip).
  • Pair of white J. Crew jeans - they're less comfortable than the other 2 pairs I own and really, I had bought them on sale, not because I particularly liked the boot cut.
  • And 2 tops from Banana Republic that I've had forever and just don't like anymore. 
  • Pair of pants from Smart Set - love them but the quality really isn't there and over time, washing them has left them a bit snug in the thighs.
  • Pair of shorts from Smart Set - same time as I got the pants and I already have patterned red that looks both casual and dressy so I didn't think I needed to have two pairs of red shorts.
  • My velvet finish black Joe's Jeans - loved them but I think after so many years of not dry cleaning instead, it shrank in random areas around the legs and are difficult to get into.
  • A hoodie that I'm finally letting go of - hoodies are something that I'm slowly weeding out of my wardrobe as  I've grown out of occasions to wear them a lot. I'll be keeping my Adidas ones, but the regular ones, once worn out, I won't be replacing until I'm completely out.
  • A white t-shirt - getting replaced with the new one.

Still more items Going out than Coming into my closet, woohoo!

Feeling overwhelmed by my bags

How long does something stay in your closet for?