Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

2016 Mid-year overview

Well, we are heading into the second half of the year, and as always, like to take the time to review my goals, and see if I'm in-line to reach them by the end of the year. 

My goals for 2016 are to:

  • Not purchase any shoes, and continue to let go of more, with the ultimate goal to own 25 pairs of shoes (mini-goal - let go of 5 pairs this year) - Well, while I exceeded my mini-goal and let go of 6 pairs of shoes, to-date, I also brought in 8 pairs of shoes. Not doing so well in this department. For the rest of the year, I vouch to not buy any more shoes. That's the best I can do at this point - celebrate the mini achievement and not get too hard on myself; who knows, by the end of the year, I may end up letting go of more. Positive thinking =)
  • Continue to work on using the things I love and not worry about them getting ruined - I'm still doing this! It does get a bit difficult at times, but I've been doing better than I ever have. Right now, the hardest thing is my travel habit of buying very inexpensive items, just for my trips, in order to avoid ruining anything in my regular rotation. It makes sense, but really, I need to get over it. After all, it's just material things - if they get ruined, it's ok.
  • Continue to shop within my collection of bags and wallets, and let go of 10 items - So far, I've purchased 2 bags and sold 2 bags, and lent my mom 2 of my SLGs. Not sure if lending is the same as letting go... my pre-loved Speedy that I purchased is not really going against my goals or budget because I was able to purchase it by achieving another one of my goals, which was to purchase it using only the funds I saved from selling things. My mom also gifted me a wallet, so I'm in 1 SLG. So far, I have yet to find 8 other pieces from my collection that I want to let go of. This is actually a great sign to me because it means I'm truly using, and loving all the items I own.
  • Stay within my budget of $1,000, and again, not include any major investment pieces or bags - So far, so good. I was on track for the first quarter but definitely went over during the second quarter due to my shoe binge =S I'll definitely have to watch it from now on seeing as I have just slightly over 1 quarter's worth of budget left for the remainder of the year.
  • Have 4 purchase-free months - So far, I have 2!
  • Continue to purge so I can consolidate all my items into 1 closet - I am continuing to purge and trying my best to exercise the 1-in-1-out rule. My wardrobe is definitely filled with a lot more basics and staples than it used to be and each item is getting a lot of use. I was able to move all the contents of a small mobile drawer unit into my closet, which is great progress!
  • Build a 'rainy day' fund by selling any items that may have some value to use towards a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Speedy 35/40. - ACHIEVED! Even though I got a size 30, it worked out for the best because that was the very bag I have been originally wanting in the first place. I admit, however, it does open the doors to a world of finding vintage/pre-loved Louis Vuitton pieces. I will continue my goal of funding my pre-loved pieces by selling my things. It's quite fun! I already have $35 in replenished in my funds =)

2016 Wishlist and "needs" (these items are exceptions to any 'do not' buy lists):

  • Black wedge ankle boots - STILL LOOKING
  • Gray leather bag - STILL LOOKING
  • Gray wool winter coat - STILL LOOKING
  • Navy sheath dress - STILL LOOKING
  • Pre-loved Speedy 35/40 - GOT IT!
  • Black sheath dress - STILL LOOKING

'Do not buy' list: 

  • Trousers and Khakis - So far so good
  • Shoes - NOT GOOD - I REALLY need to do something about this
  • Bags, wallets and small pouches - So far so good
  • Jeans - So far so good
With My Toothpaste - vegan toothpaste

With My Toothpaste - vegan toothpaste

KOREA, curated - May 2016 Discovery Box

KOREA, curated - May 2016 Discovery Box