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Coach x Pacman - review of the coin purse and phone case

Coach x Pacman - review of the coin purse and phone case

The Coach x PACMAN outlet collection was launched this month and I was able to go and take a look. I was already 3 weeks late when I got there, but luckily there were still some items. 

Unfortunately, Canada, or at least my local store, did not carry a lot of the black colored items, or the other colors in the smaller accessories. Other than the tech cases (which there were plenty), there was only one item in black - the phone holder.

I purchased and returned the coin pouch and phone case the very next day, and here's why -

The coin purse - this was the item I was really coveting, except I wanted it in black. Sadly, no black, and there were only 4 left, so I grabbed it so as not to lose out. When I got home, I tested it out for my uses and it didn't really sing to me. Yes, it makes a great coin pouch, but as a bag lover, we tend to think outside the box for our uses. I tried to store my keys, transit pass, and coffee cards in it but closing it involved some maneuvering - too fussy. Quality wise, the leather was smooth and beautiful, but I know that this kind tends to scratch easily so if I'm tossing it around, I know I would not be too pleased by that. From a design aspect, the pouch is quite large and in my hands, feels a bit too big; the opening is wide, which is great for accessibility but it opened so wide that I had problems holding on to it without crushing it or causing wrinkles in the leather. Sadly, I returned it. I couldn't see another use for it, and it wasn't perfect enough for me, even just for holding coins.

The second item I bought and returned was the phone case. When I bought this (actually the second I saw it), I already had my doubts but because I SO badly wanted an item in black leather, I succumbed. I don't even own a phone that properly fits in it, and the new phone I'm planning to buy doesn't even fit! - all around a poor choice. But, I thought I could make it work. I couldn't. Thankfully, since exercising better decision making when it comes to my wardrobe, I returned it. That was a close call though, phew!

I love the line, but I am disappointed that we didn't receive more. I'm not particularly drawn to the larger bags but the smaller accessories are definitively worth the little splurge, especially if you grew up playing pacman. 

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