Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

Getting ready for Spring!

Getting ready for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner and a number of us on our forum are beginning to think about our Spring wardrobe so we're not tempted to shop outside of what we might actually need. 

I know I have enough in my closet, and I know they are Spring appropriate

- I just need to think about it and come up with ideas while I'm not trying to rush out the door. 

I started off with my most Spring looking top - my mint green sleeveless blouse from Banana Republic. For simplicity, I just put together 7 outfits for each day of the week.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? What would you switch out? Would love to hear your thoughts! 





Friday - Business casual



9 more days of March - will it be this year's first purchase-free month?

What was once ruined and unwearable, is new again!

What was once ruined and unwearable, is new again!