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Follow-up post about my Coach Bleeker travel tote

For Mimmy!

Ever since I got my Coach Bleeker tote,  I've only had a chance to bring it on road trips and it wasn't until early this year that I was able to take it on its first short distance trip on a plane. I was heading to Las Vegas for 4 days and 3 nights and didn't want to deal with checking anything in, so it was my carry-on and regular luggage, all-in-one. 

Between size and weight restrictions and what we can bring in terms of liquids and gels, travel can be hectic and I just wanted to show how this bag held up in case any one is looking for alternatives. 

The bag and cardigan were out of the bag for this photo, but it fits into the bag easily.

Everything in! (the above cardigan is in the Oliva Harris dustbag to protect it)

This is everything I packed inside the Bleeker, and 

for liquids, I just put it all into a ziplock bag, ready to pull out at security.

I also want to retract my previous comment about wishing the straps were longer - they are actually long enough to go over my shoulder, but they are still stiff. The more I use the bag, the more it's softening up, and somehow it seems to be making it lighter (but probably not since that's impossible haha). Also, the size dimensions are just right for putting it neatly in the overhead compartments, and since it holds it shape so well, VERY easy to pull out. 

I definitely recommend this bag for short travels to hold everything for your entire trip. If you're looking for just a carry-on bag, I'd go with something else since it's pretty sizeable and I could see it getting cumbersome because it still isn't a light bag and if it's not packed full, it's just unnecessary material. 

#ootd - my photographer has returned!

#ootd - my photographer has returned!

February comings and goings

February comings and goings