Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

The start to my pre-loved Speedy 35/40 fund!

After confirming how much I want a pre-loved Speedy, I went through some more of my things and actually started to list things for sale. I started with shoes since I have way too many and it seems to be the most difficult area for me to make a dent in.

The first item to contribute to the fund are my Doc Marten combat boots. I had come up with a number of cute outfits for them, but still hadn't worn them, so I decided to let them go and help them find a home where they could be loved and fully used.

Second on the list is another pair of Docs - my 'second chances' shoes! I did make awesome outfits with them and wore them a few times this year, but over all, I didn't wear them as much as I thought I would. Off to a new home they went!

I hope I'm able to keep this momentum up and continue with the selling. I sort of regret not trying to list my previous items I let go, for sale, but onward and upward!

Christmas comes early with a pair of Stuart Weitzman's

Whew, that was a close call