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Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack - I'm glad it was a sample

I received this product as a sample and it is

something I will definitely not be buying

for myself.

I read a number of reviews before I tried it, and was excited to  use it, however when I did, I was disappointed. 

As the name suggests, you're supposed to put it on before you sleep and let it soak in over night. I applied it before bed and my experience is that, other than the lovely smell, it didn't work for me. 

The product is very easy to apply and the smell is a very relaxing soft banana smell - very lovely. After application I went to bed and having read the reviews, I prepared myself to experience some sort of discomfort as reviews mentioned it would be for those who aren't used to it. I was prepared for that. 

What I wasn't prepared for was the itchiness that I felt afterwards and the longer it stayed on, the itchier it got. I had to remove it in less than an hour. The next day, I got a pimple. 

This mask is definitely not for me =(

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