Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

Small regret purchase

I found these incredibly cute pouches at Winners and I couldn't resist - I bought them!

Considering I spent 20 minutes in the store pondering their pros and cons, I should have listened to my gut and walked away from them. 

While I love the pattern and material, I am not 100% behind the design - you will notice that the pouches have grommets near the top, and what makes for a cute design detail, is not practical in function. 

It cuts off the amount of space you have to open the pouch with and despite the actual size of the pouch, you can't fit anything that won't fit through the opening. To me, this is a major fail. 

So why did I buy them? The patterns, the care-free material and no-fuss lining, the sturdiness of each pouch - sadly, against my better judgement, I compromised on what a 'good purchase' meant to me and succumbed. After taking them home and trying to fit the things I want into them, I knew they had to go. I was thisclose to returning them, when I had a black-out moment and cut the tags off of them. WHY? I really cannot begin to explain .... I blame it on their cuteness and my natural love of pouches. 

So now, I'm stuck with 3 pouches that I didn't need to begin with, and find a bit annoying to use the way I want them to be used. I'm sure it's not that horribly bad, but this is definitely the first purchase in a while that I'm not 100% satisfied with. It cuts into my remaining wardrobe budget too, grrrr. 

Live and learn. 

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