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Dr. Jart+ Blackhead Master Patch - nope, never again

Dr. Jart+ Blackhead Master Patch - nope, never again

I originally bought the one-time use, Dr. Jart Blackhead Mater Patch because I was just shy of free shipping from Sephora. When I bought it, I didn't realize it was another Korean product, but it is! I was excited to try it and used it immediately when I got home the day it was delivered.

They're advertised as: powerful yet gentle blackhead nose patches instantly remove blackheads and unclog pores while tightening and cleansing. Complete with a dry patch and wet patch for anytime, anywhere use, this two-step system features optimal pore-purifying benefits for clear, healthy-looking skin.

The dry strip is similar to any nose strip pore remover but these did not have the slits to make it fit properly on the nose. I had to shift it down pretty far in order to wrap it around my nose. I waited longer than the recommended 10 minutes (as I usually do with these things) before removing it. I was VERY disappointed - the strip removed 3 blackheads and nothing more. I've tried regular Biore strips that work MUCH better than this. 

The wet strip, is very soothing and I did enjoy how it felt, but I had to hold it for a while before I could leave it my nose alone. It is very wet and probably would have been better if I had lied down, but I usually like to do stuff when I am waiting for my face stuff to work haha. Alone, the strip was soothing enough that I could render myself immobile for 10-15 minutes, but unfortunately, the dry strip didn't do enough for me to want to get to this second step.

One pack costs $9 and there is no way I will be buying this again.


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