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Wallet comparison - Michael Kors and Coach

I rarely receive wallets or bags as gifts, so when I do, they hold a very, very special place in my heart. It just so happens that I was gifted 2 wallets in less than a year, by 2 very special people in my life - my baby cousin and my husband. 

Michael Kors Jet Set travel wallet & Coach double-zip wallet

They each chose great wallets and I wanted to do a review and comparison because they are quite similar in size and function. These opinions are based on how I organize and use my wallets. 

My cousin gifted me the Michael Kors Jet Set travel wallet in navy for my birthday last year - I was so blown away! Below are some of its quick stats: 

  • Saffiano leather
  • 6.5" X 3.75" X 1"
  • Handle drop: 7"


I  believe the new versions now have a zip coin pocket next to the cell phone pocket. 

My husband <3 recently gifted me the Coach double-zip wallet in ocelot as a surprise! These are some of its quick stats: 

  • Cross-grain leather
  • 6" X 3.75" X 1.25"

Both wallets are considered to be classic pieces, so they can be found in classic colors, as well as in seasonal colors and designs. Currently, both styles are on sale, for similar price points. 

Exterior - 

the Coach has an exterior pocket, great for those who carry a card that needs to be frequently accessible. For me, I carry my transit pass.


- I've cropped this picture low so you can get a better idea of the height difference, if they were both lined up properly. The MK is half an inch taller than the Coach - you can really see the difference in the picture; and of course, being a double-zip, the Coach is wider than the MK, but surprisingly, only by a quarter of an inch. (Per their respective websites).

Interior - the MK opens up into one main compartment that has (from left to right) an almost hidden interior pocket, a large compartment, cell phone pocket, large compartment, then 3 credit card slots along the side. The Coach has 2 separate compartments - the left one has 4 credit card slots and an ID pocket, a back pocket behind the cards you can slip bills into, and the opposite side has the cell phone pocket; the right compartment has an almost hidden interior pocket, a large compartment, and a zip coin pocket. I believe the newer MK wallets now have a zip coin pocket next to the cell phone pocket.

Cell phone pocket - probably the biggest feature of both wallets is that it can hold a cell phone, for iPhone, Samsung and Blackberry. I own a BlackBerry Q10 and can confirm that it does fit in both wallets as long as  it is without a phone case. I choose not to use this feature because for work, I have to always be near my phone. This leaves me with an extra large compartment where I put my receipts and other miscellaneous items.

Extra details - the MK has beautiful gold tone hardware and there are little MK details throughout the wallet, such as the name etched on the clasp of the wrist strap and zipper, and also embossed on the interior wall. The hidden interior compartment is also lined in its monogram. The Coachalso has gold tone hardware and like the MK, has Coach details throughout the wallet, including 'Coach' etched ever so tiny, onto the clasp. The zipper of the coin pocket snaps tight against the zipper when closed so it doesn't catch onto the zipper of the wallet when it is being opened or closed (I really appreciate this detail because there are a lot of wallets where the tab always gets in the way). Of course, it also includes their hang-tag, synonymous with their brand. 

Durability - When I first received the MK wallet, I used it non-stop for over 3 months. I recently took her out again and except for a few scratches on the plate, she looks brand new. Saffiano leather is known to be super durable so I have no worries about her getting scratched. I have only started using the Coach (about a week now) but can tell that it will be another one that will hold up well for many years. The cross-grain leather makes it very sturdy and almost feels bullet proof. 

Open and close - the zipper on the Coach was a bit iffy when zipping around the corners when I first got her but after some use, it's now starting to get smoother. The zipper on the MK was smooth from the start.

I am someone that carries a lot of cards with them and as much as I try to downsize, it's difficult - both these wallets have a lot of space for cards, despite both having very little designated slots. I also need to keep my receipts for work and sometimes it may take months before I remove them from my wallet - I like the open compartments for this a lot. I rarely carry cash, and therefore do not have a lot of change so my MK version not having one does not affect me greatly, although I appreciate it in the Coach. 

Both of these wallet fit my lifestyle really well - I could never carry a mini wallet regularly, but sometimes like to carry something smaller than a full-length wallet; these medium sized wallets are great because they fit into a majority of my smaller bags with ease. I like that both have the detachable wrist strap which lets me use it as a small clutch of some sort, or hang it from my arms if I need to be hands-free while running an errand.

While I use both as an every day wallet, I prefer the MK on a regular basis because I can access all my things by opening one compartment. The Coach is great but because I can't squeeze all my loyalty cards into the same section as my credit/debit card, I sometimes end up having to open both compartments, which takes more time and maneuvering. That said, when I go on vacation, I carry as little as possible. This is where the Coach has more points  - when I'm on vacation, I carry cash so I can keep my bills, receipts, and coins in the right compartment, and use that side regularly; this allows me to store my cell phone (which I don't need as much), along with important cards I don't use often (including my credit/debit cards), in the left compartment, secured and on my person at all times. 

The Coach does have one thing I wish the MK had, and that is the exterior pocket. 

I hope these pictures, and thoughts on how these wallets work for me, can help someone out! Feel free to ask me any questions or ask for more pictures!

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