Welcome to my public thoughts on my personal life goals. In 2014, I set out to change my lifestyle, and I began with the best way I knew how - my closet. I share with you, how the road to Perfecting My Closet, is helping me achieve my ultimate life goals. 

January's comings and goings/ February's capsule wardrobe and bag of-the-month

January's comings and goings/ February's capsule wardrobe and bag of-the-month

In January, I let go of: 

  • 1 scarf - it was actually a 'second chances' item - I just don't like it anymore
  • 1 pair of dress pants - it is a wider leg pant and I am slowly making my way towards slimmer fitting pants for work
  • 1 top - replaced it with my recent GAP plaid top that I like more
  • 1 sweater - I just don't feel the same about it anymore
  • 1 bag - not from my main collection - it was a bag I purchased in university and I had been using it as a beat-around bag, even though it's handles were showing large amounts of wear
  • 1 perfume - I sold it! One of my minimalism goals is to have only 2 perfumes in rotation and now I have 3 in current rotation and one unopened (which was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law - it's a Hello Kitty wedding themed perfume!)
  • 1 coat - finally donated one of the winter coats I was debating on letting go of last year. I did take from it its fur trim from the hood since it was easily detachable and doesn't look like anything is missing from it - I attached the trim to another coat that can't bring myself to let go of yet, to spruce it up
  • 1 money clip - I gave my Gucci money clip to my guy bff - I'm SO happy to pass this on to someone who will enjoy using it; I bought it in my university days for clubbing and only used it a few times (it wasn't an ideal purchase as I thought it would be) and have been feeling guilty about not using it enough. 

8 items out of my wardrobe, and dropped off my bag of donations of household goods, books, and other random things. 

In January, I brought in:

  • 1 bag - not purchased, but given to me by same guy bff: it is a canvas tote from Indigo of sizable proportions with detachable shoulder strap. It will be taking the place of the bag I just let go of but its condition and style will let me use it for other occasions
  • 1 pair of tan Uggs - I have been waiting for my pair (mine are gray) to be completely unwearable before I replaced them but my mom recently bought a pair of boots she liked better and gave me her Uggs that she had only worn a few times  ~Thanks, Mom!~
  • 1 scarf - it was a gift and hand-made by a close family friend, in a beautiful torquise-y/teal color - love it!
  • 3 pairs of tights - I really needed to replace my old ones, and I got them on sale =) I don't count these as additions to my wardrobe since they're sort of like socks, but I am reporting them to keep myself accountable for the things that I do buy
  • 1 wool coat - I found a beautiful camel colored wool coat at Nordstrom and jumped on a chance to buy a quality, neutral colored coat.

3 items into my wardrobe (cost me NOTHING!), 3 pairs of the same item that is a wardrobe staple needing of replacement , and a neutral colored coat (which I see as an upgrade and a long lasting wardrobe staple) 


 is going to be an interesting month as I will be visiting my husband and in-laws in Nova Scotia for a week. I have picked 2 very small capsules for this short month - one for home, and one for travel.

Again, no app for me to post pictures, but here is what I have picked out for my time at home - 

My bag this month

will be my much-loved and used blue Coach saffiano leather tote - she is one of the easiest bags in my collection. She fits easily over my shoulders, carries tons of stuff and because she has some structure to her, I don't find myself digging through a black hole; I love her color and especially love that I don't have to worry about her when I carry her in the rain or on transit - the color and material seems to just be scratch and dirt-proof. I love her so much that I have her in white and brown for the summer (although I admit, the white is less user-friendly because I will worry about getting anything on her haha). 

Review of January's bags

Summary of January's capsule wardrobe