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DIY LV lock necklace by bakeacookie

As I mentioned before, I'm part of a wonderful online community of people who love to chat about fashion, bags, life, and everything in between! One such lovely member had a great idea to re-purpose LV locks into necklaces - it was such a great idea that I had to ask her to share! Below is a guide from bakeacookie on how she did it, and the supplies she used. Many thanks to bakeacookie for taking the time to share with us!

Some LV bags come with these gorgeous brass or silver toned locks. But despite carrying my Speedy Bandoliere and Alma, I never used these pretty little locks.

After checking out a few posts at the Purseforum, I took note of a Chanel lock necklace. Pinterest had examples, and my search even yielded a one of a kind vintage lock necklace using LV locks.

Convinced I could do this myself, I set off. I plucked the locks out from their dust bags and made a trip to the craft store, Joanns in my case.

Items needed:

    • Chain of desired length. I prefer a 28-inch chain. 
    • This allows me to place it over my head, rather than have to attach a clasp.
    • Jump rings
    • Jewelry/needle nose pliers.
    • LV lock and key


Open the jump ring with the plier, and insert them through the loop of the chain. Close the jump ring, getting the ends as close together as possible for a secure connection.

Repeat for the opposite end.

Open the lock and thread the lock through the jump rings.

Close the lock and voila, an LV lock necklace in less than 5 minutes.

To my surprise, there are (at least) two types of jump rings!

I preferred the easy to use single loop jump ring, shown in the silver lock necklace. It was easy to use, and it feels secure with the weight of the lock on it.

But there are double loop jump rings, similar to a key ring. These were much, much harder to work with, and somehow I pried them open enough to string them onto the gold chain. These are really really secure, there's no way for the jump ring to part at all without much prying.

Because I used the double loop on the gold necklace, it took 20 minutes (and assistance of my brother to pry them open) to make this necklace. 

The price for both the gold and silver chain, plus gold and silver jump rings came out to about $6.00.

The locks came with my bag, but can be purchased as a replacement part at Louis Vuitton for $39 each.

Scored at the Bay's One Day Sale for women's boots!

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